Creative Ways to Repurpose Wood

Whether you have wood sitting around your home, or you have access to a local flea market filled with wooden goods, you'll love our easy ideas for repurposing it. Old doors can be turned into headboards and tables, shutters can be used as decorative elements in the home and so much more.

Our Tip: For a variety of the projects below, keep adhesives like epoxy and wood glue on hand.

Make a Counter-Height Table From an Old Door

Make trendy tables with doors. It's especially easy, since recycled building supply stores are stocked with hundreds of old doors that are perfect for making crafty tables.

How to Hang Old Exterior Hinged Shutters

Older exterior shutters have typically reached the point of no return. Dowels and tenons used to secure individual louvers have become compromised and no longer stay in place. Older shutters that are still in one piece are now being used as a fashion statement in boutiques, restaurants, businesses and homes. Here's how to use them in your home.

How to Decorate With Old Country Doors

Repurposing old country doors is a budget-friendly way to add shabby chic, cottage-style decor to your home. Old doors have a certain charm that only comes with age, and the odd imperfection here and there adds to the shabby chic effect. There are simply too many options for repurposing old doors to mention them all, but once you have caught the repurposing bug, the possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Salvaged Wood Desktop

Mount wood strips right on top of an old desktop! 

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