DIY Shelving and Cabinet Ideas

Add shelves to a regular storage closet, give an updated look to an old shelving unit and build your own set of bookshelves. Most of these projects are easy to accomplish in an afternoon, and the extra storage space will help you organize and omit clutter.

Our Tip: Avoid using heavy-duty tape on walls, since it can pull off plaster and paint, but in the case of adding flair to shelves and cabinets, attach clear tape to the back of fabric if you'd like a less permanent decorative solution.

DIY Bookshelves: Home Office Makeover

Bookshelves generally play two roles--functional and aesthetic. In this home office makeover, the DIY bookshelves add much-needed shelf space, and they certainly make the previously bare room look warm, comfortable and sophisticated.

How to Build a Large Storage Closet

You can build a large, freestanding storage cabinet in one afternoon. This type of cabinet -- if used for clothing -- is known as a wardrobe or armoire. But you can call it anything you like and use it to store things in your garage or home.

Three DIY Wall Storage Ideas

Creative storage is crucial in any home. The effect of consumerism is showing in the piles of items that we store in our small flats and homes with little to no space designed for proper storage. 

Makeover Your Storage Closet

We don't know anyone who isn't looking for ways to use every square inch of their homes. That's why we're mighty impressed with this storage closet makeover.

Stylish Storage Ideas for Shelves and Cabinets

Open storage in any room can be both practical and dazzling fun. Another sassy idea is to install wallpaper on the back of a wall-mounted storage unit or a closed back piece of furniture suitable for presentation of personal items. This concept allows for an unlimited array of design motifs and color combinations that will become a hip background for favorite items.

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