Storage Ideas: Organize Your Home

Accumulating more items especially during the holidays, is inevitable. With our roundup full of helpful storage ideas, you'll be able to get shoes organized, and areas like under the bed neat and tidy.

Our Tip: To keep newly built storage products in tip-top shape, avoid overloading drawers, and reinforce parts like caster wheels and drawer pulls with a strong adhesive like epoxy. Since applying epoxy involves a two-step process that uses resin and a hardener, it will provide a permanent hold.

Make Rolling Storage Drawers

If you suffer from a shortage of square footage or are missing a closet or two, or you just need a convenient place to stash extra stuff in the bedroom, make use of the wasted space under the bed. Custom storage units are not required for those winter blankets, guest pillows, kids' toys or board game collection--all you need is an old dresser and some screw-on casters.

How-To: Shoe Cubby for Kids

A shoe cubby is one way to help kids organize their room. Shoes are off the floor and out of the way, and it is easy to find a matching pair when they're not jumbled up in a pile. Shoe cubbies can hold any footwear, from roller skates to slippers to winter boots. 

Three Easy Home Storage Solutions

Turn your home into organization central. If you’re itching for more space to store crafting supplies, wine or accessories like scarves, take matters into your own hands with these ideas.

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