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Todos los días recibimos sorprendentes historias de resistencia de usuarios reales de Gorilla. Conozca sus alentadores proyectos y reparaciones, y luego comparta los suyos.

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Broken Oak

“I was building some cabinet frames and glued the frames with Gorilla Glue. When the glue dried, I challenged my daughter to break the bond. The oak frame splintered, but the glued bond never broke. We both were very impressed!”

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David Beaty

Crafting Is So Much Better With A Gorilla

“I'm a DIY blogger and so many projects call for using hot glue. But it doesn't work. I can't tell you how many home decor projects have fallen apart after using a hot glue gun. I used Gorilla Glue on my jewelry dish project because it's strong and long lasting, I couldn't ask for a better product for gluing on wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic!”

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Enid Gonzalez

Quick Fix!

“I work in the oil fields in North Dakota, and at work last year my truck was backed into and the front fender was crushed. Not having the time it fix it, I grabbed my roll of Gorilla Tape and did what I thought would be a quick fix. Well, I just fixed the fender, your tape held together through the harshest weather: snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures! They all had no effect on the bond.

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William Hargis

Metal Assemblage Artwork

“I am an artist in Kansas City, MO, working on a large series of metal assemblage art that will make its Kansas City gallery debut in October 2014. All of the metal pieces are glued down with Gorilla Super Glue Gel. It is a GREAT product, and I trust nothing else. Thanks, Gorilla!”

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Jim Ramirez

Dale Earnhart Jr. Collectors Fishing Rod

“A friend of mine found out that her young son had used her collector’s edition Dale Earnhart Jr. Fishing Rod to fish, and he had snapped off the first 4 inches of the rod. She was very upset, so she asked me if I could take a look at the rod.

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Scott Rong

Split Snow Shovel

“One of our 2 snow shovels split in the middle of a scoop and then it cracked across the center. We had recently purchased a roll of Gorilla Tape and decided to give it a try. In the attached photos you can see the shovel after 1 hour of moderate shoveling – the Gorilla Tape still holding firm!”

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Darcy McFadden

Blustery Halloween

“Last year, I decided to make my house into a haunted house for the neighborhood. The weather in our area was terrible – winds and heavy rains. While all the neighborhood men watched and scoffed, I took Halloween plastic and, after bad experiences with other adhesives, wrapped my house using Gorilla Tape.

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Karen Russell

Guitar vs. SUV

“Several years ago, my son was learning to play guitar. We were getting ready to leave his Grandparents' house and I had him set his guitar behind my SUV until I could load it in the back. In the distraction of getting ready to leave, I forgot about the guitar and threw the vehicle in reverse.

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Jeff Crouse

A Glue That’s Tough Enough

"Over the last little while I purchased lots of unique collectables. A few of them have broken.
It's amazing, I had purchased several different glues to repair them. Nothing seemed to work…except GORILLA SUPER GLUE! These ceramic plates have been soaked in water, and even dropped on the floor. And they still are holding together!”

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Walter Jedyk

No wood glue compares!

“Gorilla Wood Glue is by far the best glue I've ever used. I make furniture for fun with the intent on eventually selling it, and my confidence in this product is unquestioned. I’ve used cheaper and more expensive adhesive products, but there is no competition. It grips fast and tight, and dries super strong. I use it on all my projects and won't ever try any other products again.”

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Matthew Sagraves


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