Historias De Resistencia

Todos los días recibimos sorprendentes historias de resistencia de usuarios reales de Gorilla. Conozca sus alentadores proyectos y reparaciones, y luego comparta los suyos.

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Water Rockets and Gorilla Tape attempt World Record!

"This story features Gorilla Tape being used to connect water rockets to their launch pads! (These water rockets are usually made from plastic soft drink bottles and are used to teach the principles of aeronautics as well as to entertain!). 250 water rockets were launched simultaneously on June 19th, 2009 in an attempt to win a world record!

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Boyan S.

Black Bear Tough!

"We live in the foothills of Mount Hood just nine miles from Government Camp in Oregon. As expected, we have always had forest animals like deer, elk, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and even an occasional black bear passing through our property.

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Greg B.

Gorilla Tape Travels through Alaska

"Our family drives the Alaska Highway every year. This past year, the road was the worst we have seen in twenty years. The travels were rough on our RV and we had to make some repairs along the way.

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The Smiths

300 Bottles + Gorilla Glue = 1 Amazing Clock

"My father and I built a clock using 300 beer bottles and Gorilla Glue. The clock was built at Stanley Clockworks, which is a father and son operation that makes fine and unusual clocks. The clock is now on display at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collector's Museum in Columbia, PA.

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Vince Stanley

Gorilla Wood Glue in Victory Lane

"I live in Manlius, NY, home of Stickley Furniture. Every 4th of July they sponsor a race where you must use a chair with a rider and spring approximately 200 meters.

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Gorilla Tape Protects Underwater Receivers

"I just returned from a dive trip that went out to Cocos Island, located off the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. This expedition was offered by a non-profit organization that is conducting shark research.

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Ric L.

Son Repairs Father's Redwood Canoe

"In 1989, my father built a canoe out of a redwood log. The canoe was a symbol of life as it was used to fish out of and to ferry people across river, lagoon and ocean. It was also used as a ceremonial canoe in the White Deer Skin Dance.

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Axel L.

Wood Glue Beats Chest

"This curly maple chest was built from scratch, using nothing but Gorilla Glue and ebony nails. This was the first time I have used Gorilla Wood Glue exclusively. It worked great! I think the photo speaks for itself."

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Eric S.

Wood Glue Rocks

"My wife Debbie brought home new Gorilla Wood Glue for me to try out. It was perfect timing for a project I had in mind – my grandchild's new rocking horse. The glue was easy to work with, and I have to say, it is yet another great addition to the Gorilla brand! We are looking forward to entertaining our grandchildren with this rocking horse for many years to come."

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Richard M.

Gorilla Super Glue Plays Basketball

"My kids play with their basketball almost every day. So often, in fact, that the leather was peeling back along one of the seams. I tried Gorilla Super Glue to reattach the leather. I wasn’t sure if this would work, but it is what I had on hand so I gave it a shot. After many seasons, the quick repair still held tight.

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