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Todos los días recibimos sorprendentes historias de resistencia de usuarios reales de Gorilla. Conozca sus alentadores proyectos y reparaciones, y luego comparta los suyos.

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Long Term Fix

I am a kayak fisherman, and have quite a few buddies who also enjoy the sport. Landing on sandy beaches, hitting rocks, etc. are occupational hazards of our sport. On a trip a while back, my buddy's boat started leaking. We fixed it immediately with Gorilla Tape, continued fishing and basically forgot about it. The thought was to find a more permanent fix later.

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William Gorski

Cub Scout Bridge Contest

Here is our son and his bridge in his Cub Scout Bridge Contest. The bridge held 261 lbs. and he won 1st Place! We had to stop - we wanted to add more weight, but the Cubmaster was afraid it would topple. It was holding strong! Thank you! Our son was 6 feet tall and proud, and everyone was in awe!

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Harry Swauger, Jr.

Gorilla Glue Takes Punishment

I love to cook. When my wife and I got married in December of 2008, we were given a lot of cooking tools. One of them was a plastic whisk that was so cheap I literally only had to shake it in my hand and it broke in two! I glued it back together with Gorilla Glue.

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Robert Thorson

Patch Hole In My Work Boots

While I was building a deck, I got a hole in my boots. There was still a lot of life left in the soles, so I tried (unsuccessfully) to patch them with construction adhesive. Then I tried Gorilla Glue with a leather patch from a different pair of old boots. It`s been over a month and it's still going strong. It`s like I have a steel-toed boot!

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Stephen Monson

Fast Repairs

Great for temporary repairs to tears and snags on parachute canopies. I know it works - I am the former Aero Club of B.C. SkyDiving Instructor (Canada D 51 Expert Parachutist Rating).

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George Jensen

Gorilla Tape Goes To Space

For my daughter's 4th grade science project, we decided to send a weather balloon, with a camera attached, to the edge of space. I could not risk the camera/GPS package opening and dropping my equipment to Earth, so I secured everything with Gorilla Tape. The balloon went to almost 90,000 feet, and then drifted back to Earth, landing in a Wisconsin marsh.

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Jim Donovan

GeoCaching With Gorilla Glue

GeoCaching is an outdoor activity where you use a GPS to find caches hidden by other people. My wife and I were given a challenge to find a cache, but we had to use a boat to get to it. We went out to the farm to get my father's old fishing boat that had not been on the water in years, only to find that it had a hole punctured in the bottom of it the size of a baseball.

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Phillip Ratliff

Las Vegas Rescue

During the week of March 19, 2012, we were in Las Vegas for a business trade show. We had driven over from Huntington Beach in our black Lincoln Navigator filled with display materials for the trade show. On the first morning, we were exiting the hotel parking lot and another car made a sharp right turn and hit our left front bumper, fender, light. The damage looked bad.

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Dave Hepburn

Kayaking Corsica

On the first day of a three week whitewater kayaking trip to Corsica, I put a hole in the bottom of my kayak. I put Gorilla Tape on the bottom of the kayak and ran it for the next 18 days. Three days before heading home, I split the nose of the same kayak. I applied more Gorilla Tape and finished the trip. If not for Gorilla Tape, my 3 weeks boating in Corsica would have ended on Day 1!

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Terry Miller

New Sunroof

Success with Gorilla Tape: after my sunroof exploded while on the highway and finding out that it would be very expensive to replace ($1350), I decided to give up on the sunroof and cover it with a sheet of plexiglass and some Gorilla Tape (under $10)! 8 Months later after rain and ice, it is still doing its job - NO LEAKS! Thanks, Gorilla!

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Steven Weis


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