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Todos los días recibimos sorprendentes historias de resistencia de usuarios reales de Gorilla. Conozca sus alentadores proyectos y reparaciones, y luego comparta los suyos.

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Gorilla Tape Saves Chrismas

It was three weeks before the Christmas in 2008, and my Wildlife Removal business was slow. Money was tight and the weather was brutal, with freezing rain, snow and cold temperatures. As I was backing up my truck one morning, I had poor visability and misjudged the distance, and crashed into a stone wall. I had cracked the driver side tail light assembly.

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Francis Felix

A Monumental Task

To make the Idyllwild Town Monument, I had to glue four huge trees together, using Gorilla Glue, the only product I'd trust for a valuable work of art that is intended to last for decades. Gorilla Glue made it happen. I thank you, the town of Idyllwild, California, thanks you, and the many tourists who have their pictures taken in front of the monument thank you.

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David Roy

Marriage is Tough, But Gorilla Glue Rises To The Repair Challenge

I bought a house before I married my wife. There were little things here and there that needed attention, just like at the beginning of any marriage. Gorilla Glue was there to help. It was there to tack that torn linoleum down in the kitchen after moving the fridge into place damaged it. It was there to help prevent our cheap countertops from splintering due to water damage.

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Chris Norman

The Case of the Broken Vase

My nephew broke my grandma's favorite vase and my mom couldn't bear to tell her, but Gorilla Glue fixed it up and she hasn't said anything yet!

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Debra Pearlstein

The Toughest Blanket on Planet Earth

"So what happens when you tweet with the Gorilla Glue folks about what their product can do? You get challenged. Recently I posed the question about what would happen if you made a blanket out of Gorilla Tape. This just set my mind to work. I figured out that it would need to have some sort of fabric backing so it could be comfortable as well as durable.

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Jonathan Mendoza

Gorilla Tape Art

I love to paint and I recently finished a piece that was done on four flat canvases. I had no idea what to do with it or how to hang it. I got a big steel frame, but I still didn't know how to get the canvas to stick to the flat steel. Boom - it hit me! Gorilla Tape! I love it...the piece is now hanging on my wall. The tape adds some awesome flare!

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Jelisa Walsh

A Man And His Gorilla Tape

I bought a roll of 3 inch Gorilla Tough & Wide Tape to fix my solar pool cover, which worked out great. Preparing for vacation, I packed up my toolbox (which included my roll of Gorilla Tape), and we borrowed my friends motorhome to transport our group to North Carolina from Ohio.

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Tim Cole


"Yes I have become a convert! During a recent move, my sister bought me a roll of Gorilla Tape. I had never used it and didn't think it was going to be anything special. WAS I WRONG!! I used it for all kinds of stuff that I couldn't do, and for things I really wanted to stay in place. For instance, I hung some curtains with it (the heavy room darkening kind).

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Lucy G.

Gorilla Glue Repair

I have a 24 foot enclosed aluminum trailer, used for hauling personal items. After 3 trips from South Carolina to Oregon, I started to notice screws missing. I tried larger screws, but they did not work either, so I tried Gorilla Glue. I removed screws at problem points, sprayed water in the holes, put glue on the screw, and re-installed. It's still holding! Thanks for good, honest product.

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Spike Eslick

Chair Repair

After being out of the office for 2 years, I came back to a damaged chair. The person who had filled in for me while I was gone broke off the armrest. Instead of being able to rest my arm on the armrest, I had to rest my arm on the sharp metal piece that used to hold the armrest into place. After the office manager cut herself on my chair, she went out and bought Gorilla Glue.

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Angela Price


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