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Todos los días recibimos sorprendentes historias de resistencia de usuarios reales de Gorilla. Conozca sus alentadores proyectos y reparaciones, y luego comparta los suyos.

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Build A Boat With Gorilla Glue

I had 2 sheets of 1/4" A-B plywood in my shop and became tired of walking around it all the time. I knew I needed a boat to fish with, so I built a 12' plywood boat with Gorilla Glue. It was built with the "Stitch and glue method". When I took it to the lake for it's maiden voyage, it held a 65 lb. marine battery, 2 men, our tackle and was powered by a 65 lb trolling motor that I repaired.

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Mud Mudhole

Broken Carburetor

I broke the carburetor on my roto tiller and needed to finish the job. The only thing I could think of to fix it was Gorilla Glue. I glued it back together and 24 hours later was back to tilling the soil. Thanks!

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Edward Sweazy

Headed Home!!!!

My daughters and I were heading home from our vacation on the Olympic Peninsula (Twilight Fans!) when we discoverd that the latch on our trunk lid had broke. Since we had been on vacation for over a week, our trunk was full of souvenirs. What if the lid popped up as we were driving and all our treasures were scattered down the highway?!

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Linda Tully

Car Stereo

I live in Albuquerque. I use to have a Neon and didn't live in a great part of town. My car stereos were stolen twice at home and once at work. I was about to give up and resign myself to headphones. Instead, I used Gorilla Glue to glue the new stereo into the dash. I stopped locking my car and never had a problem again. I found evidence that people had been in the car but the stereo stayed.

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Mateo Gutierrez

Gorilla Super Glue Got Me Out Of A Bind!

"I repaired my trailer tire valve stem in just minutes with Gorilla Super Glue. Thanks again, I love your product!"

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Brett Lance

Planter Pot

I've had these large planters for 10 years or more, and last winter, one was hit by car in a snow storm. So disappointed! I was sure I would not be able to find a replacement. I used Gorilla Glue in a last ditch effort to save it, and I was sure it could not hold especially when I added water. This is a 10 gallon planter. I was wrong - Gorilla Glue saved the planter.

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Thomas Conway

We Held it Together to Arizona and Back!

A friend and I were driving cross-country from Ohio to Arizona (and back). As we started out, her van was making a very loud sound...so loud that we couldn't hear each other talk! She had just had the windshield replaced, so we knew that couldn't be the source of the noise. We made it to Missouri, then her battery died.

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Kathy Shannon

4 Years And Still Holding

"Hi my name is Dale. I was a master mechanic and the owner of a car dealership. And foreign cars and a towing company for 39 years. And now own a golf carts shop. I am always looking for some things better to help me in doing a job better. I came across a test in Popular Mechanics around 2008 with Gorilla Tape and one that I do not remember the name of it.

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Dale Darden

Axe Head Comes Off No More

I put Gorilla Glue on the old wood handle that goes in the metal axe head. Works better than the wood wedges did alone! I believe it is because this glue expands. Still good after a year of use!

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Gary Makus

Saturn Mirror

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion. The right side mirror broke off. My story is that a garage door post jumped out and hit the mirror! I did not want pay $150 for a replacement and we were leaving on a trip in 2 days. I put the mirror back on with Gorilla Tape, and 2 years later it is still there.

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David Thompson


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